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VenaSeal™ Procedure

Do you think your leg cramps and swollen feet are just a sign of old age?

They certainly can be. Or, they could be a sign of a dangerous vein disease called Venous Insufficiency.

Venous Insufficiency is a medical condition that leaves your legs feeling heavy and tired after standing for long periods of time.

Most people only detect this vein disease once they develop varicose veins, i.e., large unsightly bulging veins on their legs. But skin discoloration caused by restricted blood circulation is another clear sign of vein disease.

Other symptoms of vein disease include restless legs and leg ulcers, i.e., slow-healing or non-healing sores. More seriously, varicose veins can lead to a very serious condition in which the accumulated blood from your veins starts clotting. That clot can break loose and travel to your lungs, which, in rare cases, causes death.

If you experience any of the aforementioned signs and symptoms, go to a reputable vein treatment clinic for vein disease testing. It is best to diagnose and treat venous insufficiency as soon as possible because it can progress rapidly.

VenaSeal™  Closure System is a new and extremely safe treatment option for people suffering from vein disease.

In this article, we give you a detailed overview of VenaSeal™  treatment for venous insufficiency.

What is VenaSeal™ ?

VenaSeal™ Closure System is a unique approach to treating venous reflux (the condition that induces venous insufficiency).

During the procedure, a catheter is inserted through a small incision made on the surface of the skin. An ultrasound is then used to visualize the veins and guide the catheter into place.

With the catheter properly positioned, the physician injects a medical adhesive into the vein. The VenaSeal™ adhesive promotes fibrotic growth upon contact with blood and it effectively seals the affected vein shut.

Over time, the vein reabsorbs into the blood and all the accumulated blood reroutes to healthier veins.

VenaSeal™ is so efficient that you don’t even need to wear compression stockings or bandages after the procedure. Unlike some other treatments for vein disease, VenaSeal™ doesn’t rely on thermal energy either. So there is absolutely no risk of nerve injury or any other significant side effects.


Feel Confident with your Legs Again!

Are You a Good Candidate for VenaSeal™  Closure System?

Only a vein doctor can tell you if you’re a good candidate for VenaSeal™ treatment.

Generally speaking, VenaSeal™ is used to treat venous insufficiency in the great saphenous veins.

The great saphenous vein runs down the inner thigh, behind the knee, and all the way down to the foot. The small saphenous vein is a shorter vein that branches out from the great saphenous vein in the calf region.

All veins have valves that act as one-way doors. They facilitate blood flow to the heart and prevent blood from flowing back down towards the feet. When these valves malfunction, blood flows back down due to gravity and pools around the legs. The accumulated blood eventually expands the veins and leads to varicose veins.

If you experience any of the symptoms of vein disease, visit a vein treatment clinic immediately. The vein doctor will use a Doppler ultrasound machine to assess your veins and the blood flow to determine if you have venous insufficiency.

Following the diagnosis, the vein doctor studies your specific condition and medical history to determine the correct treatment option for you.

After the diagnosis and examination, your vein doctor will be able to tell you if you’re a good candidate for VenaSeal™ treatment.

What to Expect After VenaSealClosure System?

There is no significant downtime after the VenaSeal™ treatment.

You can resume work and your daily activities immediately after the procedure. In fact, patients often go for the treatment during their work lunch break.

With VenaSeal, you avoid wearing ugly and possibly uncomfortable compression stockings or bandages.

Furthermore, this is the only vein disease treatment that allows you to swim or engage in other similar activities immediately after the treatment. You don’t even have to worry about getting your legs wet.

You will notice however, the vein firmness in your legs.

That’s perfectly normal because the affected veins harden once they have been sealed shut. This issue subsides when your body reabsorbs these veins.


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What are the Risks of VenaSeal Closure System?

VenaSeal™ is an extremely low-risk and safe treatment.

At most, you may experience the following side effects:

  • Slight irritation of the veins.
  • Temporary sensation of firmness around the legs because of the hardened veins.
  • Negligible risks of allergic reaction, vascular rupture, and perforation.

VenaSeal™ is one of the safest treatments for vein disease so the chances of these risks is negligible. However, you can minimize the risk even further by consulting a reputable vein treatment clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

Feel Confident with your Legs Again!

Will I Need Any Other Treatments After VenaSeal?

The VenaSeal™ procedure is a permanent treatment with a 99% success rate.

As such, there is no need for additional treatments after VenaSeal™.

All things considered, it’s clear why VenaSeal™ is the ideal treatment procedure for venous insufficiency. There is no downtime, no ugly compression socks or bandages, and no painful injections or needles.

You can even receive treatment during your work lunch break and resume your daily activities immediately afterward. It doesn’t have to interfere with your daily habits or responsibilities.

At Vein Treatment Clinic, our vein doctors have successfully conducted the VenaSeal procedure on numerous patients.

No one should have to suffer from constant discomfort, pain, and fear of vein disease. So take the first step towards regaining your confidence and book an appointment today!

Regain your Self-Confidence

We treat all our patients like they’re our only patients. Our vein doctors listen to your problems and examine your medical history to diagnose a treatment plan that’s meant just for you. They actively seek minimally-invasive treatments that conclude within an hour.

Regain your self-confidence and say goodbye to those welts and marks on your skin! Book a consultation at our vein treatment clinic in Houston today!