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Spider Vein Treatment Options

Can you see a small network of reddish or bluish blood vessels on the surface of your skin? Do these veins and blood vessels make you feel uncomfortable? Do they make you feel self-conscious and cause you to hide your body or shirk from social company? Spider veins are medically called Telangiectasias and they are basically blood vessels that appear prominently on the surface of the skin for a variety of reasons. In some cases, spider veins are a completely normal sign of aging. However, spider veins may also occur because of a dangerous underlying vein disease called chronic venous insufficiency. If you have spider veins, it is extremely important to consult a varicose or spider vein doctor in your area and get diagnosed immediately. In this article, we discuss what spider veins are, how to prevent them, and some of the best spider vein treatment options available.

What are Spider Veins and their Cause?

As previously mentioned, spider veins is a network of bluish or reddish blood vessels that appear prominently on the surface of your skin. The most common cause for spider veins is a medical condition called chronic venous insufficiency. This is a disease in which the valves in your veins malfunction, which makes them incapable of facilitating healthy blood flow to the heart. As such, the blood flows backwards and pools around the legs, which applies pressure on the veins, causing them to dilate. This leads to the emergence of varicose or spider veins. If left untreated, spider veins can quickly progress and turn into varicose veins. Eventually, vein disease can also cause complications like profuse bleeding, leg cramps, skin infections, inflammation, scarring, leg ulcers and other types of non-healing wounds. In the worst situations, the accumulated blood in your veins may clot and lead to a condition called deep vein thrombosis. If these clots break loose, they may travel to your lungs and lead to pulmonary embolism, which can immediately cause death. As such, even though spider veins aren’t dangerous in and of themselves, you still have to seek diagnosis to ensure that it’s not caused by underlying vein disease.

Some of the Best Spider Vein Treatment Options

In the past, spider veins and vein disease were only treated with surgical options. These surgical treatments like vein ligation depended on incisions being made and your veins being cut off, which caused massive pain or discomfort and also had a high risk of complications. Thanks to modern medicine and technology, we now favor minimally invasive spider vein treatments. When you consider spider vein treatment, you should only go for the minimally invasive non-surgical kind.

Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy is currently one of the best spider vein treatment available. This is a simple procedure in which a medicine called sclerosant is injected into the spider veins. The medicine acts as a sealant and shuts the spider veins down. The accumulated blood is eventually rerouted to other healthier veins and the damaged spider veins get reabsorbed into the body. The whole process is extremely simple and finishes before you even know it.

Advantages of Sclerotherapy

The following are some of the prime advantages of sclerotherapy for spider vein removal:

  • Sclerotherapy is a completely non-surgical procedure.
  • It’s minimally invasive and the vein doctor only needs to use a single needle injection.
  • The whole processes finishes within 30 minutes.
  • There’s minimal pain and discomfort, either during or after treatment.
  • You can see results immediately. In fact, the treatment improves appearance by up to 80% in a single session, which is one of the best result possible from any treatment.
  • Is performed on an outpatient basis so you can get back to your regular daily schedules immediately.

Sclerotherapy Side Effects or Drawbacks

Sclerotherapy doesn’t have any significant side effects. The following are the only drawbacks of sclerotherapy spider vein treatment:

  • Sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive procedure for spider veins without underlying vein disease. This treatment doesn’t cure the underlying vein disease. As such, before you get this treatment, please seek diagnosis for vein disease. If you get sclerotherapy without treating the underlying disease, the spider veins will simply come back.
  • Sclerotherapy isn’t recommended for spider veins on the face and feet. These areas are dense with arteries so it’s dangerous to use sclerotherapy.

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

Laser treatment for spider veins is another popular method recommended by medical spas. During this treatment, laser light is used to reduce spider veins. However, laser treatment for spider veins should only be used for treating spider veins in the face and feet (since sclerotherapy isn’t suitable for those regions). Laser vein removal is an extremely ineffective procedure because you have to go for several expensive sessions for weeks and months before you see any improvement to the symptoms. Furthermore, laser vein treatment isn’t conducted by professional vein doctors so they aren’t equipped to diagnose the underlying vein disease either.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spider Vein Treatment

Does sclerotherapy remove leg veins permanently?

Sclerotherapy removes leg veins permanently if the spider veins aren’t caused by underlying vein disease.

How to get effective spider vein removal treatment?

You can get effective spider vein removal treatment from a qualified board-certified vein doctor at a spider vein treatment clinic.

What is the treatment for varicose veins?

Some of the best treatments for varicose veins are radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser ablation, and venaseal.

Spider Vein Treatment — Medical Center In Montrose

Spider veins may be caused by underlying vein disease, which can be extremely dangerous if not treated in time. If you want some of the best spider vein treatment options, you have to go to a reputable vein treatment clinic — one that specialises in sclerotherapy. Vein Treatment Clinic is one of the best spider vein treatment clinic in Houston TX. If you’ve detected spider veins, please schedule an appointment so you can be diagnosed and treated.